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Submit Data to CROWNWeb

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Submitting patient and clinical data to CROWNWeb through the NRAA HIE is cost-effective and efficient. The information below provides tips and techniques for making preparations for data submissions, tools to handle errors, announcements for clinical submission closure periods and guides for interpreting CROWNWeb data quality improvement reports.

Preparing for CROWNWeb data submissions

Data submission error handling

CROWNWeb clinical data submission closure period announcements

CROWNWeb Data Submission Quality Improvement Reports

The NRAA HIE delivers detailed data quality improvement reports for specific errors identified by CROWNWeb. The report guides describe the data included in the reports and how the information can be used to correct data submission errors improving the quality of data submissions.

The Quality Improvement Report Guides are delivered to your organization as comma-separated value or .csv document types.  The .csv document type can be imported into an Excel spreadsheet for easier reading and information management. This guide provides instructions for importing data from a .csv file into Excel.

Quality Improvement Report Guides

The Near Match report contains specific information for demographic file submissions for patients that received an Error 100 message. The report shows the patient’s data that was submitted from the facility compared with the data present for that patient in CROWNWeb, highlighting where the mismatch of data occurred. The report contains personal identifiable information and should be handled in a manner consistent with your facility’s data handling and use policy.​


The System Discharge report provides patient admission and discharge information from CROWNWeb to reconcile with information in provider electronic medical record systems.


The Patients Missing Clinical data report provides specific information by patient for clinical information that has not been submitted to CROWNWeb.

The Facility Completion by Month report provides a percentage of completed monthly clinical data submissions, by clinical modality, received by CROWNWeb.

The Saved and Missing 2728 report provides details on saved and missing 2728 Forms that need to be submitted to CROWNWeb.

The Saved and Missing 2746 report provides details on saved and missing 2746 forms that need to be submitted to CROWNWeb.

The Gap report provides details of patients who are in the gap to the organizations who caused the patient to be in the gap.


The Gap Patients with Clinical Data and No Home Facility report provides details for attempted or actual clinical data submission activity that occurred after a patient was deemed to be in the gap. Information in this report is designed to help facilities locate patients and update CROWNWeb.

The Notifications and Accretions report provides details of outstanding notifications and accretions by submitting facility or Network so facilities can resolve these outstanding items in CROWNWeb.