System Availability

The System Availability Notice provides information about the volume of messages moving through the NRAA HIE. The CROWNWeb Queue Count lets data submitters know how many messages are in the queue waiting to be processed by CROWNWeb. System message flow rate indicates how quickly the NRAA HIE is flowing messages to CROWNWeb for processing.

Tweets by NRAA HIE

Information and announcements are also tweeted by the NRAA HIE. To access messages and sign-up to follow the NRAA HIE on Twitter, click on the link in the notice box.

CROWNWeb Announcements

CROWNWeb communicates and facilitates scheduled events impacting system availability and data submission activities.

  • Extended Maintenance – CROWNWeb systems are taken offline for scheduled maintenance each month during an extended weekend outage.
  • Clinical Quality Reporting Closures - CROWNWeb closes clinical quality data reporting periods on the last day of every month at 11:59 p.m. Eastern.

The maintenance and clinical closing period schedules are posted for use by renal dialysis facilities for business and operation planning purposes.